Aquaculture Financial Solutions

Finance. Technology. Expertise.


An attractive asset class.

Returns aligned with SDGs.

Leading risk management.



Finance, technology, and expertise to

support your business goals.


Shrimp farming is an attractive asset class, farms can be highly profitable delivering up to 3 crop cycles per year.


Alune partners with farmers while predicting and mitigates risk, to provide you with risk-adjusted returns, combined with impressive SDG impact.

We offer attractive returns aligned with UN SDGs, to perpetuating impact through your investment and the businesses your investments help to grow.

Keep up to date with our investment opportunities

Alune Aqua has significant amounts of capital available to fund improvement and operational financial requirements.

As a team and through our close network and contacts, we bring a wealth of knowledge and tech which we utilise to  improve all metrics of any farm we work with.

We want to develop long lasting prosperous relationships with farmers and their operations so that we can ensure sustainable annual production and local community job creation.

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Alune believes aquaculture should always consider people and our planet. To achieve this, Alune targets and reports against 9 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To address the vast mangrove deforestation found around the archipelago of Indonesia, Alune is undertaking a number of projects, which will sequester 600,000 tonnes of carbon before 2050.

To help our communities and the future of aquaculture we must mobilize, educate, and empower the new generation of shrimp farmers. To support this vision, Alune has launched the “Women in Aquaculture Apprenticeship”, to train and skill up the next generation of women to become farmers.